Heather and Jamison

This is a finished scene for an unfinished script I started writing a little while ago.



Scene opens at a small, two person table in the middle of a busy Italian restaurant. This small table has one candle in the center, and is covered with a checked table cloth. The restaurant about it is bustling with quiet activity. A young man sits at the table, alone. Suddenly, a panting young woman runs into the restaurant clutching a small purse.

Heather: Oh my god, I am so sorry. I took too long getting ready and I ended up leaving the house late because my cat knocked over a lamp and then I had to pick up all the pieces from the floor in my dress and sweep up the rug so I wouldn’t slice open my foot on the shards when I got home later, and then when I got outside finally, the bus was too slow and so I got off and ran to the train station but the train was slow too but by then I couldn’t do anything about it, so I got off at the next stop and ran the seven blocks and I am so so so sorry I- (Jamie cuts her off)

Jamie: It’s ok. Seriously. Don’t worry about it.

Heather: (beginning to relax, slowly sits) Ok, I…I’m Heather

Jamison: Jamison. O-or Jamie, if you like.

Heather: So, um. What do you do for work, Jamison?

Jamison: Work? Me? Oh, right. Uh, I work as a, uh, english teacher. At the middle school. It doesn’t pay great, but I get by.

Heather: Really? But you’re so young!

Jamison: (chuckles nervously) I suppose. I was just eager to get started with my life when I graduated. Working hard in school pays off eventually. I hope. (more nervous laughter)

Heather: I’m sure it will.

(An awkward silence settles on the table. It seems both have something they’d like to say, but neither is sure they can.)

Heather: So, uh,
Jamison: (at the same time) Well, I

(Both laugh shortly)

Heather: Do you want to order now, I guess?

Jamison: Absolutely, I’m starved. Just don’t let me near that garlic bread.

Heather: Will do.

Their conversation is drowned out by the conversations of others around the restaurant. As they order their food from a waiter and smile anxiously at each other, fragments of others conversations can be heard.

Man 1: Look, I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship lately…
Woman 1: What? Are you trying to dump me again?
(They both laugh)
Man 1: Well, I don’t know, I just… (he fades out as another conversation fades in)

Man 2: Congratulations! I can’t believe this!
Woman 2: You too! I have my dream job, you have yours… (She fades out as another conversation fades in)

Woman 3: What the hell do you mean by that?

Man 3: Please, Jeanne, I don’t know what I was thinking, I was just trying to… (she cuts in)

Woman 3: Just trying to what? How could you?
Man 3: Babe, please…
Woman 3: (begins to cry, fades out as another conversation fades in)

Man 4: I love you. (his voice fades into the sea of people)

Woman 5: Stay. Please. (her voice fades as well)

Focus is pulled back to Jamison and Heather’s table, where the pair are still talking with much more ease than before, still smiling. Jamison reaches across the table and places his hand on Heather’s. She blushes. Cut to black.


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